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A to D war in U.P

The whole political war in Uttar Pradesh is revolving from A to D. A stands for Akhilesh Yadav and his development initiatives, B stands for BJP which is waiting in the wings for its opportunity to grab powers, C stands for Congress which is trying to cement its lost ground with some strategic alliances and D stands for Demonetisation and its impact which will be the poll plank for the BJP.

Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state In India in terms of population and number of electorates. It plays a major role in the national politics by sending the maximum number of Parliamentarians. It is the major state which will go to polls in 2017 and it is believed that the results of this state will decide the fate and future of the country which will go for General Elections in 2019.

Now that Akhilesh Yadav is the sole hero with the traditional ‘Bicycle’ symbol of Samajwadi party he will focus on a honourable distribution of tickets of Samjawadi party so that the party and party workers hold strong the spirit of Samajwadi at the ground level. He will now have to settle the distribution of seats with his alliance partners so that each one of them is able to define their roles and responsibilities. With all nuts and bolts tightened he needs to start his mass campaigns with the developmental plank with which he has aroused all hopes in his party cadres who rallied behind him in time of distress. He needs to convince the public that he will continue doing all these works in the coming years and set down his goals.

BSP will surely at the back foot with the settlement of symbol case of Samajwadi Party but it has worked out its strategy and will focus on getting minority votes in its favour and has already taken lead by announcing a number of Muslim candidates in its list. BSP started its preparations for the polls much ahead of other parties. From August 2016, BSP held series of 'SarvajanHitay, SarvajanSukhay' rallies starting from Agra followed by Mega rallies in Azamgarh,Allahabad and Saharanpur.

In these rallies, Mayawatihave been attacking misrule and Gundaraj of Samajwadi Party, Communal politics and unfulfilled promises of ache din of BJP and also ugly politics of Congress.In August 2016, four Muslim MLAs, 3 from Congress (NawabKazim Ali Khan, Dilnawaz Khan, Mohammad Muslim Khan) and 1 fromSamajwadi Party(NawazishAlam Khan) and also a former BJP minister Awadesh Kumar Verma joined BSP.

BJP is trying to woo voters in Uttar Pradesh with Development agenda. It is rumored that Mayawati is trying her best to gain from BJP’s political activists, by making them join BSP meanwhile alleging BJP of accepting the rejected politicians of BSP.On the other hand, political leaders from other parties have joined BJP in the run-up to the elections. The centre will put all its strength behind the state unit in a run up to the election. The party is surely going to encash that its demonetization drive is taking country to a cashless economy which is more transparent and corruption free. However, the party is unclear who will be their CM candidate. The party will surely not declare their CM candidate in an effort to keep all the faction together.

Congress declared Sheila Dikshit as it CM Candidate for 2017 elections.The duo of Raj Babbar and Mrs.Dikshit were working their best to improve worsened conditions of Congress. But now with election alliance in place with Akhilesh Yadav its dream of having a CM in Uttar Pradesh will have to be put off for some time. Veteran leader Rita Bahugunadefection to BJP may impact its outreach to the powerful Brahmin community of UP.

Now it is to be seen out of A to D which alphabet plays its tricks in the upcoming elections of Uttar Pradesh. Whichever alphabet wins the race it will surely play its role in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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