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Congratulations Mr. Modi!

Two constituencies and a nation – Modi has won all today. A massive victory to the BJP that has crossed the half way mark of 272 on its own and the alliance has crossed the magic number of 300 by far. We salute the incessant energy of Mr. Modi and his team. From cynics, we have turned admirers due to the sheer numbers. A job well done always deserves praise and support.

The sensex saw an initial surge over 1000 points rise crossing the 25,000 mark. A well expected sign. Some of us were worried when it rose after the exit polls. What if the exit polls were wrong? There would be a blood bath at Dalal Street. But all's well that ends well. So far so good! Now once Mr. Modi settles down to governance with his new formed ministry, he will have to deliver to the hopes of the business community. The rupee has risen today but it needs to get stronger. Business and the economy needs a good boost, almost a life saver. Lets see how much effort is made and how much change can happen.

The first thing Mr. Modi today did was to take the blessings of his mother. Indeed what a day for a struggling mother of a tea selling son, who now will be the prime minister of the world's biggest democracy! Wow! Mr. Modi truly does not need alliances, whether it's his wife or his political marriages with other parties. The TN marriage has totally failed like his own marriage. His mother and his motherland are on his side – he needs no one! So today Rahul has his mother, but Modi has the chair, the party and also his mother. Way to go Mr. Modi!

Mr. Modi has also proved that if the Leader has the Charisma – built with hardwork, media help and projection, one does not need to depend on any minority community - muslims or otherwise. The Muslim vote bank can now go and rest its ached heels. For long it has suffered and some of its leaders gained for no fault of theirs. Today many muslims who read the Friday Namaj, may have thanked god or heavily prayed for safety. It is those that prayed for safety that will need Mr. Modi's assurance. The best way would be for Mr. Modi to focus on the positives like development and remove the spotlight from the Muslims and let them finally merge into mainstream India with confidence. The same would be with the caste-based spotlights that we have been swaying. Change Focus guys!

The youth have shown immense faith in the BJP and so have women as they usually outvote. BJP has made promises, let those promises be egged on by the leadership of Modi. A dream has come true for many and some fear a nightmare, which way will you go Mr. Modi?

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