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It's Fight Back Time

The recent by-poll election results in four consecutive states shocked the BJP. The collaboration of JD-U, Congress & RJD (together the UPA) have proved that the results in the forthcoming elections in many states may not be as per expectations. Some people took it for granted that the BJP might win with a huge margin almost causing disastrous results for the Congress. It was a fight back situation for the Congress in Bihar where it won 6 seats among 10 especially in Bhagalpur, an urban seat in Bihar where BJP has ruled for almost 23 years. It appeared as if their glory was snatched away by the congress.

Wild celebrations erupted outside the offices of the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) in particular, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- on the same road -- was deserted as the by-election results came in.

Also it was again high scores from Karnataka. In Bellary, N.Y. Gopalakrishna of the Congress won from Obalesh of the BJP by 33,104 votes. And in Chikkodi-Sadalga, Ganesh Hukkeri of the Congress defeated K.M. Mallikarjun of the BJP by 31,820 votes. However in Shikaripura it was BJP all the way. B.Y. Raghavendra of the BJP defeated H.S. Shanthavirappa Gowda of the Congress by a slender margin of 6,430 votes.

In Madhya Pradesh it was BJP which won two seats out of three. In Aagar BJP's Gopal Parmar trounced Rajkumar Gore of the Congress by over 27,000 votes. In Vijayraghavgarh BJP's Sanjay Pathak defeated Brajendra Mishra of the Congress by over 50,000. Congress managed to win one seat from Bahoriband. Congress candidate Sourabh Singh defeated BJP's Pranav Pandey by over 7,000 votes.

The opposition has now got the signal - Its fight back time and the recent result has boosted their confidence. Modi and the BJP may have won the Lok Sabha but they will have to fight really hard for each state that goes to elections in the coming months. Each state will have to be given individual attention and strategies drawn as per the alliances and other local factors. Forming the government at the centre may not necessarily indicate winning in the states.

However these were just by-elections and the full and proper election may throw different results. We have another set of by-elections to go through – Uttar Pradesh. It would be interesting to see those results.

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