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Political scenario of Delhi elections 2015

Delhi Election is important for all political parties. It is going to be held on 7th February' 2015 and counting of votes is planned to take place on 10th February, 2015 according to the announcement of Election commission. Since last year, there is huge ambiguity in political scene in Delhi and this fresh election may hope that right candidate will be chosen as a chief minister.

In Delhi, the main election issues in the Assembly Polls 2015 include poor water and power supply, price rise, depleting infrastructure, corruption, lack of women's safety, poor law and order, increasing joblessness and pollution.

As per the estimates of Delhi Election Commission, based on the 2011 Census, the proposed population of Delhi is 1.86 crore and the voting population is 1.3 crore, which will be exercising its franchise in 11,763 polling stations across 2,527 buildings in Delhi. In the 2013 Assembly elections, there were 11,753 polling stations with 11.9 million eligible voters out of which 6.6 million were men and 5.3 million were women while there were 405,000 first time voters.

Three main political parties in Delhi, assembly elections: The 70-member Assembly will observe very tough and interesting competition between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the AamAadmi Party (AAP) and the Indian National Congress (INC).

Bharatiya Janata Party: BJP is a dominant political party in today's political scenario. In 2013, the BJP had vital role in the capital and chosen CM candidate, Dr Harsh Vardhan and won seats in the Delhi legislative assembly but for the unanticipated reputation of the AAP, the BJP couldnot form government in Delhi.

However, in the 2015 polls to Delhi Legislative Assembly, the BJP may grab the seats due to Modi wave which has shown less signs of abating so far. The BJP central management has decided to put its campaign for the Delhi Assembly elections by fielding several of its forefront leaders, including Union Ministers. The Bharatiya Janata Party announced that former Indian Police Service officer KiranBedi will certainly be the BJP's chief ministerial candidate for the Delhi Assembly polls after the meeting attended by PM NarendraModi and other senior leaders, BJP President Amit Shah.

She will not contest against Kejriwal, but from the secure seat of East Delhi's Krishna Nagar. Shah said this was to allow Bedi to campaign for party candidates across Delhi. Krishna Nagar has been held by union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan since 1993.

Indian National Congress: INC was the biggest party for 15 following years in Delhi but party faced near-extinction in the 2013 polls. The reason for this failure was the increasing disappointment across the nation with the Congress over issues of dishonesty and poor leadership, and rising inflation in the Delhi such as high electricity bills and prices at an all-time high. The Congress is now making all-out effort to revive its image and wants to comeback in the 2015 Assembly polls.

AamAadmi Party: Third largest active party in Delhi assembly election isAamAdmi party which was formed by ex-Income Tax commissioner and social activist Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP outshined all political parties in terms of agenda and discussions in the 2013 Assembly polls. It has the election symbol of the Broom, the party avowed that it was the only sincere political group and assure public to give clean and maintain good governance in Delhi.

Party made numerous fundamental promises to the public,like, the enforcement of the Jan Lokpal Bill in Delhi within 15 days of coming to power. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is involved himself in campaigning for party and transcends politics and become a sort of social fact never observed before. AAP hasemerged as powerful competitor for supremacy in the Delhi Assembly elections with group of volunteers and funds raised from India and overseas. But when Mr. Arvind Kejriwal resigned just after 49 days in power, his image slightly faded among people of India.Nonetheless, it is visualized in present political situation that the AAP may be a tough competitor for BJP in the 2015 Assembly polls and there are chances of winning good number of seats to stay as the main Opposition party in the state.

News reports revealed that there are five major strategies for campaigning in Election. AAP has explored the concept of 'Gully Prabhari', that is a person in charge of a street. This person is responsible for campaigning in his or her street. They are to place a hoarding on the wall that has Arvind Kejriwal's name, the name of the party i.e., AAP, the party symbol of the Jhaadu (broom), and the name of the candidate of the constituency.

Every volunteer has been given the responsibility supervise 25 houses per neighbourhood in an attempt to win their support. Another strategy is to place posters on Delhi autos. AAP was visible in every corner without paying a single penny. The auto drivers felt empowered for the first time. These autos became the main part of the AAP's campaign. The achievement of this strategy worried the Delhi government and its political leaders, and an attempt was made by the government to proscribe posters on autos. Third strategy is distribution of pamphlets and hanging of posters are banned in the Delhi Metro.

The party appeared with the bright idea of distributing visiting cards. Volunteers distribute simple visiting cards of AAP, carrying simple messages. The latest in the list of innovations is the 'Metro Wave'. This involves AAP volunteers with their caps, hanging out at the entrance and exits of every metro station in groups, singing and playing music and intermittently asking people to vote for AAP.

Another strategy of AAP is a flash mob kind of small team of NukkadNatak which will visit various places. This team is called 'Play for Change'. This team is very popular amongst the university crowd and young people and the performance is mainly for them. Fifth strategy is Check out our 'Human Banners'. As everyone knows, putting up banners is a very expensive issue. It was decided to ask our own volunteers to form a team of two to three and physically hold these big banners from the bannisters of flyovers.

When analysing political parties that are prominent in the field of Delhi elections, BJP has image of huge political party as in 2014 general elections, party was highly successful and gained miraculous victory. In Delhi Assembly elections, the BJP has high hopes to get a majority in the Delhi at its own calibre. According to news report, BJP will not release any manifesto for Delhi polls but will release a vision document in which there is plan for welfare and development of people. BJP has decided to make five queries every day till 6 February to its opponent party, AamAdmi Party chief, Mr.ArvindKejriwal. BJP has also decided to locate 120 MPs which also include some Union Ministers to campaign for the Delhi assembly polls. Senior leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party ArunJaitley and Amit Shah took a direct charge of the campaign strategies of the party for the forthcoming Delhi elections.

Renowned political party, The Congress, which ruled over Delhi for three successive terms from 1998 to 2013, will try its luck to revert to its lost position. The AAP is also making full efforts to win back the confidence of voters in Delhi.

It is closely observed that, the 2015 Assembly election in Delhi, it is going to be a tough competition between AAP and BJP contestants. The Congress party is on back foot though it has distinguished past. Many news channels conducted opinion survey and according to the news reports, it can be said that the BJP may take benefit of Prime Minister NarendraModi's personality and may come out as the single major party with majority of seats. But it is not easy for BJP to fight election as AAP is also putting extreme efforts with strong issues to compete its opponents.

The AamAadmi Party appears to be the most organized and aggressively campaigning party of all. The party had deployed its troops in all the 70 assembly constituencies even when no dates in connection with the elections were announced. The Chief Ministerial candidate of the party is the AAP chief and the earlier CM of Delhi, Mr.ArvindKejriwal. Other powerful leaders of AAP party are Manish Sisodia, Somnath Bharti and RakhiBidlan contesting Patparganj, Malviya Nagar and MangolPuri seats correspondingly. Mr kejariwal is contesting from New Delhi seat.

News report revealed that AAP is preparing to candidates for any attack from BJP and has instructed its candidates and volunteers to focus on constructive campaign. Presently, AAP is not in a mood to comment on KirenBedi completely. It has been appraised that AAP has decided to only speak of the contradictions in BJP's campaign and emphasize its own work. Some experts have said that AAP is getting nervous about what BJP is planning. It is clear in the tweets made by Kejriwal where he has referred to a 'senior leader' who will get false stories planted in the media against AAP. Though party gave explanation that AAP has been campaigning for the past several months and there is no way to get nervous.

- Ragini Sinha

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