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Its Second Chance for AAP!

The recent Delhi Assembly Elections turned out to be a bang on for those who laughed at Kejriwal and his party AAP's strategy to win back the power. Yes he is responsible for such shameful comments because he should not have resigned before, still his win shows that citizens really trusted him.

Kejriwal's AAP Won the Delhi Assembly Election 2015So with his Gandian styled strategies he is all set to lead again with his team and it will be regret for them who quit his party to join BJP which is now in power. But the party has the real test now as being the capital city Delhi; it has many major issues like now it is called as the most unsafe city in India especially for girls. Apart from this it has all the issues related to a common man's need or on the basis of what the party is called the Aam Admi Party.

This is all about what Kejriwal has to look here after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi he will have to live up to the promises which were made by his party during the campaign. Let's see what exactly happened in the Assembly Elections and how the ball went back to AAP's court.

So the final counting chart says that AAP is the second party after Congress who won the Delhi Assembly elections with big margin winning 67 seats out of 70, whereas the record says that in 1998 Congress had won with 52 seats but now it failed to get even one seat in the capital city. The so called ruling government's party BJP just managed to get 3 seats.

AAP gave tough time to BJP in almost all the constituencies of Delhi, the main leader Arvind Kejriwal who was the Chief Ministerial candidate defeated BJP's Nupur Sharma by 31,583 votes. The AAP in all scored 57,213 votes whereas the BJP managed to secure 25,630 votes.

Since the early morning on 10th February 2015, the AAP was leading with highest number of votes from all the constituencies of Delhi and as the counting was on till 01:00pm soon greeting stated pouring for Arvind Kejriwal. Right from the PM Narendra Modi, who congratulated the party through a social networking site and assured full support from centre for the development of the capital city.

The other party who was the expected to make its place here was the BJP with a surprise face for Chief Ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi. The party was confident that with such a face it can make its way to win, but in vain the results shocked the party with its defeat to AAP. Bedi contested from Krishna Nagar and lost to AAP's candidate S.K.Bagga. However, Bedi apologised for the defeat and not living up to the expectations of the party.

Delhi's past government INC which ruled for almost 15 years was unable to make its way even for one seat. It leaded with 1 the seat and ended with zero, INC now holds a very deserted situation.

However Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi congratulated AAP for its historic victory for second consecutive time from the country's capital. The Delhi Assembly Elections recorded the total turnout of 67.14 percent.

Now the AAP has got the second chance to lead, all eyes are surely going to be on it. AAP has to lead with a good team, innovative ideas and proper planning; even the PM has assured for complete support from centre all it has that it should go as per its promises and expectations of the citizens.

- Prema

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