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Home > Election Analysis > Will BJP Bounce Back Again or Congress Continues to Rule?

Will BJP Bounce Back Again or Congress Continues to Rule?

The Maharashtra & Haryana constituencies are all set for the upcoming Assembly elections on Oct 15th. With election fury all over, the parties are supposed to set out for election campaign, but the situation in Maharashtra assembly polls is slightly different. As if it is the right time that the parties which are collaborated for years should split-up. The recent news of Congress-NCP, Shiv Sena-BJP, was shocking.

Starting from Congress-NCP, these parties in collaboration formed largest party in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly with 144 seats. The 15-year old alliance ended when the NCP demanded 144 seats but this demand was rejected and the congress offered only 124 seats. On the other side the NCP also had a proposal to share the CM's post for 30 months (two-and-half years) with congress, besides contesting half the 288 seats but both were rejected by Congress. On the same day the congress released its list of 188 seats from Maharashtra Legislative Assembly elections, which resulted in NCP-Congress 15 year old alliance and on the other side came the news about Prithviraj Chavan resigning from CM post.

The Shiv Sena-BJP alliance also broke-up with the same reason; these parties were collaborated from 25 years. This alliance ended when the BJP demanded additional seats of 144 but later on reduced it 130 seats. The Shiv-Sena offered 119 seats to BJP and 18 seats to four other allies, remaining 151 seats for it-self. The BJP decided to split when the Shiv Sena was on firm on its decision to offer only 119 seats to BJP.

After the Shiv Sena-BJP split up, Shiv Sena-RPI-A alliance also ended when RPI-A president Ramdas Athawale joined hands with BJP. This slip-up was revealed in the party's mouthpiece Saamnaa. However the senior member of RPI-A Arun Dhangale expressed support for Shiv Sena and urged the states dalit to vote for 'Shiv Shakti-Bhim Shakti' propounded by the late Sena patriarch Bal Thackeray.

The Legislative Assembly Elections play a crucial role in development of state, especially the rural areas. Such split will surely affect the NCP & Congress which are the ruling parties in Maharashtra from years.

As the central government is in the hands of BJP which won the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 with a great margin seems to have the chance again to acquire the maximum seats in Maharashtra. But the BJP have to compete with the NCP, as the seats in major part of Maharashtra belongs to NCP.

BJP can make its place in Maharashtra if they collaborate with Dalit leaders, as these leaders have a strong influence in many parts. It seems the Shiv Sena-RPI-A will also split-up as the party president Ramdas Athawale joined hands with BJP. This is going to affect the Congress as many of the dalit parties are in its collaboration. If RPI-A party joins BJP them it will not require much time for the remaining leaders to leave congress alone and join BJP.

There are several other parties like, MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena), SP (Swabhimani Paksha), and RSP (Rashtriya Samaj Paksha) who are also contesting the assembly elections in Maharashtra but mainly eyes would be on the bigger parties those who have ruled the state in collaboration from several years. The elections here are going to be really very interesting as all of them are going to contest separately. The results will decide that who will be the next ruling party???

The other state contesting the assembly elections is Haryana, here also the UPA is ruling from last 2 years. But the recent Lok Sabha Elections defeat is definitely going to affect the Congress as ruling government BJP is contesting from all the 90 seats here.

For the BJP also it will be a litmus test as after the party came to power, in last three months there were several issues about not keeping its promises made during the election campaign. So the question arises, will BJP again bounce back here also or the Congress continues to rule the Haryana Constituency???

The other parties include Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC)-Haryana Jan Chetna Party (HJCP) alliance, Haryana Lokhit Party (HLP).

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