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BJP used money, muscle power to win Tripura: Yechury

New Delhi, March 3 (IANS) Accepting the Tripura mandate, Communist Party of India (Marxist) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Saturday charged the BJP with using money and muscle power to win the state assembly elections.

The CPI(M), in a press statement, said the "BJP has, apart from other factors, utilized massive deployment of money and other recources to influence the elections".

"This has happened because the Bharatiya Janata Party has unscrupulously utilised huge amounts of money and muscle power and managed to successfully bring together all anti-Left elements and parties, including the erstwhile opposition parties, into one anti-Left platform. They succeeded as a result," Yechury said.

Yechury warned the people of Tripura that there would be unfavourable ramifications due to misuse of money in elections.

"The BJP brought together all kinds of forces using money power and without attaching any morality to it. There will be results, against which the people need to be alert," he added.

In a series of tweets, Yechury said: "We will continue to oppose the BJP and its divisive agenda, not only in Tripura but all over India. It is imperative for those who believe in India's constitutional ideals to defeat the nefarious designs of the BJP-RSS combine. The battle is on."

Earlier, Yechury said the CPM accepts the people's mandate in Tripura which is poised the a BJP-Indigenous People's Front of Tripura government. This has come after the Left Front was in power for 25 years, winning five consecutive elections, he said.

"Forty-five per cent of the people... have voted for the Left Front. We assure the people of Tripura that the CPI-M will continue to work for their interests, their welfare, and most importantly for the unity of the tribal and non-tribal sections in the state, which we believe is very important for this northeastern state," the Left leader said.

He said the party would analyse the poll results and then decide its next course of action.

The party statement said: "The Politburo thanks 45 per cent of the voters who extended support to the CPI-M and the Left Front. The party will carefully examine the reasons for this setback and take necessary remedial measures."



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