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Indian National Congress

Indian National Congress (INC) is the oldest and the most prominent political party in the country. It was founded in 1885 and has a political legacy of over hundred years.

It was founded in 1885 and has a political legacy of over hundred years. INC was in the forefront of India's freedom struggle and played pivotal role in India's independence.

The history of India's independence is entwined with the history of INC.....

INC News

Congress launches dedicated website for party manifesto

Posted On : Oct 29,2018,    8:04 pm
New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) The Congress on Monday launched a dedicated website to take suggestions from the public to prepare the party's manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections under the theme 'Jan Aawaz' (people's voice). View More..

Meghalaya secessionist leader enters India, surrenders

Posted On : Oct 18,2018,    8:16 pm
Shillong, Oct 18 (IANS) Meghalayas most wanted separatist leader and Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) General Secretary Cheristerfield Thangkhiew surrendered before Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Thursday at the Police Headquarters. View More..

N D Tiwari - a political marathoner who courted controversies (Obit)

Posted On : Oct 18,2018,    7:56 pm
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) A seasoned politician belonging to the pre-independence era, Narayan Dutt Tiwari was a political marathoner whose later life was mired in controversies that Indias public life had not seen before. View More..

Parrikar may try to dissolve Goa Assembly: Congress to President

Posted On : Oct 15,2018,    7:30 pm
Panaji, Oct 15 (IANS) After knocking on the doors of Goa Raj Bhavan several times, the Congress on Monday wrote to President of India Ram Nath Kovind, urging him to keep a check on possible "constitutional overreach" by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who it alleged is trying to seek dissolution of the Assembly by foul means. View More..

Centre assures Punjab on appointment of new Jallianwala trust members

Posted On : Oct 05,2018,    8:30 pm
New Delhi/Chandigarh, Oct 5 (IANS) The Centre on Friday assured the Punjab government that three new members will be appointed on the Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Trust within a week. View More..

RSS attacked because of fear; diversity should be accepted: Bhagwat

Posted On : Sep 17,2018,    9:52 pm
New Delhi, Sep 17 (IANS) In a first-of-its-kind outreach from which opposition leaders kept away, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday said the organisation has emerged as a "power" in the country and many people target it out of fear but said diversity should be accepted and it should not become a reason for discord. View More..

Congress stakes claim in Goa, BJP-led alliance ponders on next CM (Roundup)

Posted On : Sep 17,2018,    8:52 pm
Panaji, Sep 17 (IANS) Political activity in Goa gathered steam on Monday in the absence of an ailing Manohar Parrikar, with the Congress staking claim to form a government in Goa even as leaders of the BJP-led alliance discussed leadership options to replace the Chief Minister who is currently being treated for pancreatic cancer at the AIIMS in Delhi. View More..

Amid search for Parrikar's successor, Congress stakes claim to form government

Posted On : Sep 17,2018,    4:46 pm
Panaji, Sep 17 (IANS) Even as the ruling BJP-led coalition alliance looks for a new leader to replace ailing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, Congress MLAs on Monday staked claim to form a government in Goa. View More..

Congress defends Surjewala addressing Brahmin seminar

Posted On : Sep 05,2018,    10:48 pm
New Delhi, Sep 5 (IANS) Facing accusation of playing the "Brahmin card", the Congress on Wednesday defended party leader Randeep Singh Surjewala addressing a Brahmin seminar wherein he claimed his party has "Brahmin Samaj's DNA in its blood". View More..

Documents 'leaked to BJP': Congress demands probe

Posted On : Sep 04,2018,    10:26 pm
New Delhi, Sep 4 (IANS) Congress on Tuesday accused the BJP of acting as "police" and demanded an independent probe into how even before the documents, allegedly obtained from the activists by the Pune police, were produced before the court, fell into BJP's hands. View More..

NAC under Sonia was body for supporting maoism: BJP

Posted On : Sep 04,2018,    6:44 pm
New Delhi, Sep 4 (IANS) Accusing the Congress of patronising and funding the maoists, the BJP said on Monday that the now-defunct National Advisory Council (NAC), headed by Sonia Gandhi during the previous UPA regime, was the body for "supporting naxalism". View More..

65 LS members, 29 RS members yet to declare assets

Posted On : Sep 03,2018,    12:52 pm
New Delhi, Sep 3 (IANS) Sixty-five members of the Lok Sabha and 29 of the Rajya Sabha are yet to declare their assets and liabilities, a reply to a query under the RTI Act has revealed. View More..

Rahul Gandhi to visit Germany, London next week

Posted On : Aug 16,2018,    2:34 pm
New Delhi, Aug 16 (IANS) Congress President Rahul Gandhi will be visiting Germany and London next week to meet businessmen, politicians, academics and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), it was announced on Thursday. View More..

Are environmental issues finally an important part of India's election discourse?

Posted On : Aug 07,2018,    5:14 pm
New Delhi, Aug 7 (IANS/Mongabay) Will environmental issues finally bask in the electoral limelight? If events across some of the major Indian cities in the past few years are to go by, it is definitely the time for green issues to shine. The environmental issues plaguing the internet-savvy electorate as well as the poor sections of these major cities may finally become an integral part of the election discourse. View More..

Congress takes on Modi over 'industrialist' remark

Posted On : Jul 29,2018,    9:56 pm
New Delhi, July 29 (IANS) With Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserting that he was "not afraid of" publicly standing beside industrialists because his intentions were "noble", the Congress hit out at him, saying he should not lend his legitimacy and respectability to such corporates. View More..

Sonia, Rahul pay tribute to Nelson Mandela on birth centenary

Posted On : Jul 18,2018,    9:04 pm
New Delhi, July 18 (IANS) Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her successor Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday paid tributes to South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela on his birth centenary. View More..

PM attacks Congress for imposing Emergency, calls for 'eternal vigil'

Posted On : Jun 26,2018,    3:02 pm
Mumbai, June 26 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday said the 1975-77 Emergency was a "dark period" that the nation could never forget and called for making democracy stronger by "writing, debating, deliberating, and questioning" its vital aspects and pledged his full commitment to protecting the Indian Constitution and Democracy. View More..

Congress backing pharma lobbyists: Swadeshi Jagran Manch

Posted On : Jun 11,2018,    9:16 pm
New Delhi, June 11 (IANS) The Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) on Monday hit out at the Congress for blaming the RSS for prompting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to halt the introduction of anti-cervical cancer vaccine in the country, saying the party was backing "certain pharmaceutical lobbyists". View More..

Chennithala asks Pranab to cancel visit to RSS HQ

Posted On : May 30,2018,    7:04 pm
Thiruvananthapuram, May 30 (IANS) Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala, who was a former parliament colleague of former President Pranab Mukherjee, on Wednesday requested him to refrain from visiting the RSS headquarters on June 7. View More..

Congress condemns Israel's excessive use of force on Palestinians

Posted On : May 17,2018,    7:28 pm
New Delhi, May 17 (IANS) The Congress on Thursday condemned the excessive use of force by the Israeli armed forces on Palestinian protesters in Gaza which left over 50 people dead and hundreds injured. View More..

Indian National Congress

    Indian National Congress History

INCIndian National Congress (INC) is the oldest and the most prominent political party in the country. It was founded in 1885 and has a political legacy of over hundred years. INC was in the forefront of India's freedom struggle and played pivotal role in India's independence. The history of India's independence is entwined with the history of INC.

Since independence INC has headed the central government for a total of 49 years in India. In the 15 general elections held in the country so far, the INC has won an outright majority on six occasions, and has led the ruling coalition four times.

In the 15th Lok Sabha Congress emerged as the single largest party with 206 seats and led a coalition of political parties called the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), to form the government. The UPA led by INC has come to power in two successive terms once in 2004 and then in 2009.

INC has been led by the Nehru-Gandhi family since independence. The family leadership of the party is largely accepted and there is no challenge to the hereditary leadership structure.

Ideology of the party

In the Indian political spectrum, the INC holds centre-left position and considered to have modern and liberal outlook. The INC advocates neo-liberal policies as well as populism, social liberalism, and secularism as its goals.

Policies of the party:

INC's social policy is based on the Gandhian principle of Sarvodaya or the upliftment of all sections of the society. The party supports the concept of family planning with birth control. INC's economic policy favors free market economy but takes a cautious approach towards liberalization to ensure that the idea of socialism doesn't get negated. In foreign relations nonalignment is the bedrock of the INC's foreign policy.

Party Leaders

Sonia Gandhi is the President of INC since 1998. She has an Italian ancestry and is the widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. At one point, under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, the INC ruled 15 out of 28 states in India. In 2004, despite massive support from within the party, Sonia Gandhi declined the post of Prime Minister, and chose to appoint Manmohan Singh instead. In 2009 Lok Sabha elections, under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, INC won 207 seats and the UPA 262 seats and thus easily was able to form the government for the second time.

Rahul Gandhi is the Vice President of the INC and second in command of the party. Rahul Gandhi is seen as a youth icon of India. He entered politics in 2004 but assumed official posts since 2007. Rahul Gandhi sees himself as a uniting force who likes to reduce caste and religious tensions in the country. He hates divisive politics and is of the opinion that Hindu extremists pose a greater threat to the country than Muslim militants.

Manmohan Singh is one of the most senior leaders of the INC and current Prime Minister of India. A renowned economist, he is the only Prime Minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to return to power after completing a full five-year term, and the first Sikh to hold the office. In 1991, as a Finance Minister he carried out several structural reforms that liberalised India's economy. In 2004, when the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) came to power, its chairperson Sonia Gandhi unexpectedly relinquished the Prime Minister post that went to Manmohan Singh. In 2009 general election UPA returned to power and Manmohan Singh retained the office of Prime Minister. He has announced that he intends to step down after the 2014 general election.

INC Organization Structure:

The organizational structure of INC remains the same as it was in pre independence days. In every Indian state and union territory, there is a Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), which is the state-level unit of the party, responsible for directing political campaigns at local and state levels and assisting the campaigns for Parliamentary constituencies.

The All India Congress Committee (AICC) is formed of delegates sent from the PCCs around the country. The delegates elect various Congress committees, including the Congress Working Committee, which consists of senior party leaders and office bearers, and takes all important executive and political decisions.

The President of the Indian National Congress is in effect the party's national leader, head of the organisation, head of the Working Committee and all chief Congress committees, chief spokesman and the Congress choice to become the Prime Minister. The Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) is the group of elected MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The CLP (Congress Legislative Party) consists of all Congress Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in each state.

The INC is recognized as the largest and one of the oldest democratically-operating political parties in the world. After being in power for two successive terms the INC is facing the incumbency problem in the general election of 2014.

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