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Lok Jan Shakti Party

Lok Janshakti Party is recognized as a regional political party of India that has main voter base in the state of Bihar.

Party mainly focused on the development and welfare of lower-caste and Dalit communities in the state. The party was formed by Indian expert politician Ram Vilas Paswan, in 2000. He established this party with group of members who split from the Janata Dal (United), in one of the many factionalisms of the Janata Parivar. He developed the pro-poor, pro-oppressed party and named it as the LokJ anshakti Party that is briefly known as LJP.

Party understood that there is a need of major transformation in social, economic, political, educational or cultural arena. Lok Janshakti party pledges towards working continually for enhancement of the oppressedand deprived group of the society and for making them equal partners in the growth of the nation......

Lok Jan Shakti Party News

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